What We Do

Family owned and operated under the leadership of founder Ben Caldwell’s vision of creating a healthy media ecosystem where the intersectionality between past and future are embraced.

Facilitate Living Labs​

Incubate Movements

Organize virtual workshops ​

Host and organize LP People Street events​w

Host Podcasts ​

Supply and house community archives ​

Provide co-working space

Advocate for the Arts​

Technology Incubation Center

Rent out facility for programmed events

About US

KAOS Network offers a way for the artistically talented and art enthusiasts of South Los Angeles to enjoy trans-media and multimedia art disciplines being offered in this vibrant community. KAOS Network creates a warm and open environment where everyone can participate and engage the material outcome of the work being presented. Often, at some basic level, this can be credited to the art and artist being a cultural asset to the community.

Up Coming

KAOS Network is a community art and technology incubation center on the corner of 43rd St. and Leimert Boulevard in the heart of the village. Through KAOS, Ben encourages intergenerational cultural investment in Leimert Park.