Each of us has been on an unprecedented journey. The last ten years has been more dramatic than any scripted drama to date, yet art still rises as the greatest historian. Our stories are coming together for our children using current and future technology as our diaspora reaches further. Our creativity is inspired by the ever-changing landscape to our community. Amid KAOS Network, we continue to express our feelings through our art – through our shared and independent experiences – through our cultural footprint. Leimert Park Village has been and will continue to be a community Black Designers and the portraiture of our stories.

Artwalk is just around the corner and it continues to bring innovation to LPVs artistic creativity. This Sunday invites you to share in the history, the impact and the future – as we design it.

KAOS Network History – 

Tactical Media’s Leimert Park “Pop Up Plaza” by Karl Baumann (2014)

On March 30, 2014 the Leimert Phone Company and our USC IML: Tactical Media Class showcased their current projects as part of a “Pop-Up Plaza” at the Leimert Artwalk. The ” Pop-UP Plaza” event was part of a larger process of applying to LADOT’s People St program to build a permanent pedestrian-only plaza in Leimert Park. With the help of LADOT, Ben Caldwell’s KAOS Network, and the local BID, the street was blocked off for the weekend and became a public forum for live performances, art workshops, and youth play spaces. The event was a great success, garnishing community support and feedback for the actual design of the space. In addition to public mapping tables, our class gained feedback on their designs that repurpose payphones, bus benches, public displays, newspaper boxes, and community gardens.